Hello, my name is Adam 👋 .

The SEO Sprint is a fortnightly newsletter about SEO, Product Management and working with development teams.

A quick recap of this newsletter:

  • Newsletter Topics - The newsletter isn’t going to be focused on teaching SEO tactics. Instead, I’m going to be diving into topics that I think can help SEOs shift their mindset so they can work better with development teams.

  • Post Types - There are two types of newsletters I plan to publish:

    • Wisdom - I provide a small roundup of the best product and engineering posts that are relevant to SEOs working with developers.

    • Fortnightly Column - I’ll cover product, growth and agile delivery concepts that can help SEOs work better with development teams.

  • Subscription - The newsletter will remain free and I will try to publish at least once every two weeks.

  • Newsletter Future - I’m planning on creating a short course in the future to help provide education around how SEOs can use agile delivery methods to work better with developers.

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