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About Author

Hi, I'm Adam. I have over 10 years of experience working in SEO, Digital and Product.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with various businesses implementing SEO initiatives across cross-functional teams, from enterprise organisations to startups.

In 2018, I became a Product Manager at DeepCrawl (now Lumar). For over 2 years, I worked with engineering squads to deliver enterprise-level features that solved customer problems.

During that time, I noticed a huge knowledge gap in the SEO industry for anyone who wanted to learn how to work effectively with product and engineering teams.
During my time at DeepCrawl, where I was discovering and exploring how to help SEOs get things done, the idea for The SEO Sprint was born.

In 2021, I became an Independent SEO Product Manager working with enterprise and startup organisations to get SEO/growth initiatives implemented.  I’ve been testing out everything I’ve learned as a Product Manager to get SEO projects executed.

The SEO Sprint is a resource to help SEO professionals learn how to work effectively with product and engineering teams.

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Adam Gent

I write about SEO Product Management and helping SEOs to understand how they can work more effectively with product and engineering teams.