Hello, my name is Adam 👋 .

The SEO Sprint is a fortnightly newsletter about SEO Product Management and working with development teams.

A quick recap of this newsletter:

  • SEO Product Management - The newsletter is focused on helping SEOs learn more about SEO product ownership and how they can work better with development teams (and get things done).

  • Post Types - There are two types of newsletters I plan to publish:

    • Round ups - I provide a small roundup of the best product and engineering posts that are relevant to SEOs working with developers.

    • Write ups - I’ll cover product, growth and agile delivery concepts that can help SEOs work better with development teams.

  • Subscription - The newsletter will remain free (for now) and I will try to publish at least once every two weeks.

  • Newsletter Future - I’m planning on creating a short course in the future to help provide education around how SEOs can use agile delivery methods to work better with developers.

Read more about this newsletter in the welcome post.

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Adam Gent
Independent SEO Product Manager. Author of The SEO Sprint. Former Product Manager DeepCrawl.