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Lessons from Indeed | Gus Pelogia

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Interviews with SEOs who work in product teams to uncover actionable and practical advice to help SEO teams work with product and development teams to get things done.
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A podcast that interviews SEOs who work in product and engineering teams to uncover actionable and practical advice on how to get things done.

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Gus Pelogia is an SEO Product Manager at Indeed. He is a journalist turned SEO, conference speaker, and once-in-a-while blogger.

Gus has worked both in-house and at digital agencies in Argentina, the Netherlands, and Ireland. He spent 5 years as an Account Manager and Team Lead at agencies such as Spark Foundry (Core) and Wolfgang Digital, working with clients from travel, e-commerce, and professional services.

In this podcast, we talked about:

  • Getting into SEO

  • Getting into product

  • Product Requirement Documents

  • Engineering Buddy

  • Discovery with developers

  • Cross-team collaboration tips

  • Insight into working on projects

  • Why future-proofing ideas get buy-in

  • Product and engineering team structure

  • Delivery process and procedure

  • Importance of ownership in teams

  • Conways Law in large organisations

  • Raising problems is also about raising solutions

  • Writing effective SEO tickets

  • Importance of planning tickets

  • Prioritising SEO initiatives and bets

  • MVPs in SEO

  • Learning from Product Managers

  • SEO Forecasting and SEO A/B Split Testing

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Recommended top three skills:

Gus would recommend the following skills to learn:

  1. Business Acumen - Understand how to handle business situations and sell your ideas to other teams.

  2. Technical literacy - Learn to code and better understand technology so you can build confidence to work on custom-built websites.

  3. Ownership - Learn to own projects and conversations, don’t be afraid to speak up.

Where to find Gus:

Note: Gus is speaking at BrightonSEO in September 13th / 14th.


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