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Lessons from Scribd | Abby Gleason

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Interviews with SEOs who work in product teams to uncover actionable and practical advice to help SEO teams work with product and development teams to get things done.
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A podcast that interviews SEOs who work in product and engineering teams to uncover actionable and practical advice on how to get things done.

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Abby Gleason is an SEO Product Manager. Abby leads the organic search strategy for Scribd, a reading subscription service with millions of ebooks, audiobooks and more.

Abby has a wealth of experience working with content, business and technical teams working in agencies. As an SEO moving into a product role, Abby has learned to adapt and embrace many engineering practices to get things done.

In this podcast, we talked about:

  • Getting into SEO

  • Getting into product

  • Combining user and Google experience to drive results

  • Why Googlebot is a user

  • The full process of getting things done with developers

  • Working with designers and developers

  • Designers are a superpower

  • Meeting facilitation and product managers

  • Product manager = communication

  • Process of writing briefs for developers

  • Importance of collaboration anchor points

  • Conversation > Documentation

  • Communicating Problems > SEO Solutions

  • Devs asking for solutions vs Devs asking for problems

  • Why SEO specialists matter in development teams

  • Why SEO PMs need to prioritise ruthlessly

  • Why listening matters

  • Prioritising and SEO Product Roadmaps

  • Creating SEO Product Strategy

  • Four Types of SEO Strategy

  • Communicating to the management team

  • Forecasting process

  • How to say no in an internal team

  • Release planning process + ruthless prioritization

  • Retrospective

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Recommended top three skills:

Abby would recommend communication broken down into three parts:

  1. Clear written communication - Avoid a wall of text in Slack, email or documents, and use on-page SEO and readability best practices.

  2. Show your personality - You must show your personality at work in your communication as it helps people remember you.

  3. Internal networking - You need to meet with people, have one-on-ones and listen to get a better understanding of the business problems.

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