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Lessons from Searchmetrics | Malte Landwehr

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Adam Gent
Interviews with SEOs who work in product teams to uncover actionable and practical advice to help SEO teams work with product and development teams to get things done.
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A podcast that interviews SEOs who work in product and engineering teams to uncover actionable and practical advice on how to get things done.

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Malte Landwehr is the Head of SEO at idealo internet GmbH and has been the VP of Product at Searchmetrics and a former management consultant.

Malte has A LOT of experience working and getting things done in product teams. He climbed the career ladder in the product team at Searchmetrics and became the VP of Product in a successful B2B enterprise SaaS company.

Now he works in an SEO leadership role at idealo, the largest European comparison website, applying what he learned in product and business consultancy to get SEO initiatives executed.

In this podcast, we talked about:

  • How Malte got into SEO and Product

  • Product Marketing Manager role

  • Communication strategy in product

  • How to get adults to learn something new

  • Communication lessons applied to SEO

  • Go-to-market strategy in a B2B product team

  • Release plan example at Searchmetrics

  • Feature flagging and releasing

  • Product and development team structure

  • SEOs in product and engineering teams

  • Moving into the VP of Product role

  • Product teams getting buy-in

  • Explain the product vision

  • How to work with developers

  • Setting the SEO vision

  • SEO Strategy Stack

  • Product Roadmaps

  • SEO and Now/Next/Later Roadmaps

  • B2B Product Management Rabbit Hole

  • Adam rants about Log File Analysis in SEO

  • Applying product strategy to SEO

  • Building trust in an organisation

In this podcast, we talked about:

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Recommended top three skills:

For product managers:

  1. Learn to say no - You need to learn to prioritise ruthlessly and keep your team focused.

  2. Learn how to say no - You must learn how to say no because it is key to building relationships.

  3. Sales-led is key - In B2B enterprise SaaS, the sales-led approach is important to drive revenue (despite what all the books say).

For SEOs working with product managers:

  1. Problems > Solutions: You need to bring problems to the product team and work with them on the solution.

  2. Always bring a solid why: You need to write down a problem and focus a lot on the WHY to help you and the team to prioritise your work ruthlessly.

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