Welcome to The SEO Sprint

Use proven product and agile processes to work with development teams.

Hey up! Welcome to my newsletter.

My name is Adam Gent and I’ve worked in SEO for 9 years.

For the last 2 years, I have worked as a Product Manager at DeepCrawl working with enterprise-engineering teams to develop, build and release features for technical SEOs

What is this newsletter about?

I have created The SEO Sprint Newsletter to educate and empower SEO specialists on how they can work with product and development teams to get priority actions implemented.

I call this new way of working the Technical SEO Delivery.

What is Technical SEO Delivery?

Technical SEO Delivery is a framework which is designed from proven product management and agile skills.

The skills used range from; creating a business case, getting buy-in from other stakeholders, defining project success, developing a technical roadmap, creating a web development strategy, managing a backlog, writing user stories, etc.

Why should I sign up?

The Technical SEO Delivery framework is based on my time at DeepCrawl.

In my 2 years at the company, the product and engineering team transformed how they worked together. They moved from a waterfall to an agile delivery model.

Using the same skills, processes and principles in the Technical SEO Delivery framework the teams increased code output by +700% YoY.

That is the difference between 1-2 customer-facing code releases a year vs. 1 customer-facing code release a day.

The new features and products which were released had several impacts on the business including:

  • Increasing the satisfaction of the customer base

  • Increasing the number of sales from enterprise-level accounts

  • Boosting team morale (both commercial and engineering)

The lessons I learned through this change with a development and product team helped me shape the proven process of Technical SEO Delivery.

A new way SEO specialists can work within a business to get high priority technical actions implemented.

If sounds like something you want to learn, then please sign-up 👇.

What will you write about?

In this newsletter I will be writing about a range of topics including:

  • Product Management practices and principles which are relevant to technical SEO specialists.

  • Agile delivery frameworks that are commonly used in the development community.

  • How to develop a clear technical vision, strategy and roadmap.

  • Lessons learned developing and managing a backlog.

  • Breaking down projects into small actionable tickets.

  • How to write user stories that don’t cause confusion.

  • Validating and testing ideas in a fast-paced environment.

All these topics are aimed at educating and empowering SEO specialists on how to work with development teams to get things done.

How frequent is the newsletter?

I plan to write as much as I can each month but it will be juggling home life and client work.


I’m always looking for feedback so please leave a comment or you can Tweet Tweet me at @Adoubleagent.

Let me know if there is anything you want me to cover or feel a burning question you want to be answered when working with a development team.